Thursday, September 20, 2012

true transformation.

"Transformation that interrupted my entire life. Not in the form of a brilliant teacher showing me the original language treasures of the Word. Not in the form of another Bible study that finally cured my spiritual glitches. Not through writing another book or reading someone else’s. Not from speaking at women’s conferences and meeting exceptional believers all over the country. Not from a single second spent on a church campus.

Transformation came in the form of dirty homeless men and abandoned orphans. It came through abused women and foster kids. It came through lost neighbors crying at my kitchen table. Transformation began with humility, even humiliation. It started with conviction and discipline. It increased through loss, not gain. It grew through global exposure and uncomfortable questions. It was born out of rejection, replanted in new soil. It was not found in my Christian subculture but in the eyes of my neighbors, the needs of my city, the cries of the nations. It was through subtraction, not addition, that transformation engulfed me, and I’ll tell you something: I am not the same."

                                                                                       -from Jen Hatmacker's book Interrupted 


Monday, September 3, 2012

back in the hatt.

Drive cross country.
Surprise a friend.
Visit the family.

Interviews the next day.
Lease signing.
Unpack into a new apartment.

Canada flag on one wall.

Snowboard on the other. 

Finally got internet.

We live in the projects...
Which is keeps things interesting.
But Staci's front bike tire got stolen off of her bike
which was locked to our back porch...

Used up the last of my first roast today.
Going to my brother's house for a grill out!
Gonna take my roasting box.
Thanks to Radina's for some green beans!

I'll keep you posted.