Thursday, October 23, 2014


The last couple of days in our group devotional times we've talked about the lady in the old testament that was widowed and had a bunch of debt to pay off. And she was asked, "Well, what do you have?" and she responded, "I have this vessel of oil."

She had a vessel of oil. And in faith she did what she was told and went out and collected vases and cups and bowls and jars from her neighbors and God multiplied that oil to fill every single one of them. And when she filled the last of the jars, the oil ran out.

I am still without a home, but have been welcomed into the house of a Christian lady, Patricia, who is faithful and trusts God with all that she has. She has cooked meals for us and each night after dinner, we pray together before bed. Hah, she joked about it being the "tower of Babel," because we use what Spanish we know and she uses the English she knows. It's a beautiful beautiful thing.

Staci and Patricia singing after lunch on the first day that we met =)

We've been able to experience God's faithfulness in many ways lately this week. Staci and I met with a family that we met on the sidewalk one day while we were reading our Bibles. Her and our daughters had us for coffee and tea and shared stories about what God was doing in our lives. We prayed together and left feeling blessed and like we had made some new friends.

On the way to move in to Patricia's we talked to our taxi driver who at the end of our ride said that we had helped him understand things about God that he had been questioning. He has been angry at God and had thanked us for the long overdue heart conversation that we had with him.

The last couple of days we have been walking all over downtown trying to find realtors so that we can start viewing apartments. Tomorrow we have two appointments set up. Also, Patricia found out that a friend of hers from her church is renting a "large house" in the center that we are hoping to see sometime this week. We know that God will provide and we are hoping that we will see a place and know that it is the one we should stay in!

Until then, Staci and I are figuring out the bus system so that we can get into the center. Today was our first day. I found what I hoped to be the right line, and God worked out the rest. We didn't know where the stop was, we had to walk across this field and lo and behold, we look to our left and the bus is sitting there. The bus driver had to go to the bathroom so it was just.. waiting for us! Ha!

God is so good.



Friday, October 17, 2014

argentina time.

 Finally getting time to sit down at my computer and blog! So much has happened the last couple weeks and I'm finally at a place to sit and breathe for a while! This is where I am going to be living the next 8 months! Rosario, Argentina!

This is a picture from the top of a huge monument in the down town area. I think the plan is to live pretty close to this part of town as there are a lot of chances to talk to people in the shopping streets down here. Everything is walking distance.. like.. 20 blocks tops.. ish. Haha!

My lifestyle has definitely been altered! As expected of course, just in ways unexpected! I went from eating healthy, sleeping 10-7. Running daily. To 6 hours of sleep. Lots of meat and fried food. Lots. Of. Meat. Like... Huge steaks every day unless you make a point not to haha! But they're good!

Argentina has a rest time during the day, like 3-6 or something. Then they open back up their stores and stay up till 2. Dinner is at like 9 pm with ice cream afterwards most days haha! Wow. Meat and icecream! Todos las dias! But the icecream is also homemade so, can't complain!

(Pastor Stan is the guy on the far left, 
Pastor Drew is from Tennessee and led a lot of our devotional time. 
Karen is sitting on the couch in the green.)

We were in the capital for a day, spent a couple days in Uruguay sharing the gospel with people and having morning and evening sessions/sermons. These two weeks are set up like a conference so we have a lot of preaching and then a couple times a day we have been going out and talking to people.

I went out with a couple Spanish speakers yesterday and actually got to help lead a gal about my age to Christ! We started to pray with ehr and I was like... "Uhhh, this is really happening!?" Praise the Lord no? It's just confirmation that God is going to use us here! He's going to use me here! Crazy cool!

The next morning Staci and I were sitting outside of the place we were staying and this lady and her daughter were like "Are you Christians!?!" She said that she thinks God brought her to us and wanted to go get lunch sometime! It was exciting and encouraging for sure.

The rest of the team went on to Chile and then back to Peru. So Staci, Karen (Pastor Stan's wife), and I are now in a hotel and have a chance to explore the city and catch up on sleep. I have a cold right now so it's appreciated. The Rosario team right now is Staci, Stan, Karen, myself and a gal named Mikaylah. She was in Peru with Stan and Karen last year and is a bundle of fun! We will be joined by 1 or 2 guys from Ecuador and Peru in January!

We still don't have a place to live yet. Hopefully that will work itself out at the beginning of next week. We have passed several apartment buildings that say they have places for rent, so we will just have to search around and find the one God has for us!

(This is a street of one of the big shopping streets 
in the capital of Buenos Aires. 
The colors were SO cool!)

Thanks for reading! And for all your prayers!