Monday, January 21, 2013

Fall-ing in 2012

Last semester fell through my fingers. 
And I didn't keep this up to date so I thought I'd give you some glimpses of the semester. 
(Cuz lets be real, pictures are better than having to read anyways right!?)

When I got back from Canada I had my motorcycle waiting for me =) 
I bought a helmet and got an awesome jacket for my birthday!
Can't wait for it to get warm again!

A week or so into the semester my roomie cut my hair for me. 
I had an image in my head for what I wanted and she did great!
It's definitely grown out a lot since then so it's getting harder to tame,
but it's been a fun change of pace ^_^

After some job searching and trying to make things happen on my own,
God provided me a job with my best friend. 
And we've been blessed with some great coworkers that keep 
us entertained throughout our weeks

Staci and I (along with our new friends) started geocaching.
We've found about 100 caches since the beginning of last semester!

Mainly, It goes well with what we do...

Bike, and explore in search of more wonderous beauties such as this...

In some of our explorations, we've brought Otis,
my brother's new little one.

Staci made him that sweater out of one of her old shirt sleeves ha!
It was so precious! But he's growing fast.

 We've kiinndaa used him to get the caches around the dog park.
(Don't tell him that though... he thought it was out of love ^_^ ha!)

As it got closer to Christmas, one of the students at school told us about an opportunity 
to make a gift box for a kiddo in Mexico! 
We had fun shopping and packing his gift!

Throughout the semester, I continued going to my boxing gym.
I love the people there, and I've been enjoying challenging myself to get in shape 
and get better at beating the heck out of a heavy bag!

 At the end of December, I joined in on a fitness challenge with these lovely ladies.

And I ended up taking home the gold for best physical improvement 
and overall "biggest loser" for weight and inches lost!
All that hard work paid off!

 And of course, there was Christmas! 
This is my brother and I with all our "Hill" cousins!

And NOW! It's 2013! Crazy crazy!
I'm excited to see what it has in store for me!
Of course the most popular question ever asked to one such as me is:
"What are your plans?"

I will say this. 
I have no plans =) 
But God does.
And I'm trusting that He will reveal them in His perfect time.

I'd love to hear from any/all of you who read this!
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