Monday, January 19, 2015

verbs are hard.

Practicing Spanish verb tenses:
Staci (in Spanish), "I use to eat vegetables but now I'm a fruititarian."
(This was prompted by me telling Staci a story from my runners magazine
about an ultra marathon runner than only ate fruit!)

Staci: "Hablamos con un muchacho en el supermercado hoy."
Lindsey, translating: "We ate a man... errr..."
(Real translation: We talked with a man at the market today."

Lindsey, continuing the joke: "Comeremos un hombre." (We will eat a man.)
Staci: "Sooo.. what we got from all this is that one day we will eat a man..."
Lindsey: "... con pan." (with bread)
Both: "JAJAJA!!" (HAHAHA!!!)

Yes yes, Spanish learning is fun and hard.
Practicing verb tenses is an important thing.
I know this first hand.
The following story is unfortunately true... o_0

Staci and I were passing through the park walking to the bus stop.
This man approached us and started making us rings out of wire.
(It's common for people to come up and try to sell you things,
most times its easy to say no, but we decided to buy the little rings and talk to him.)

So the man tells us that he has been doing this for 6 years and is homeless.

And I say: "Donde vamos cuando esta frio!?"
I... unknowingly said...
"Where do WE go when it's cold?"
instead of "Where do YOU go when it's cold."

And the man points to a park bench and said,
"Alla? O donde querés! Jajaja!" (Over there.. or wherever you want!)

I had no idea what I had said wrong or what he said in response,
but Staci missed my mistake and understood the guy and was like.. uhhh?!
And he said, "What!? She's the one that said it!"

I then realize what happened...

AND that was the moment I decided that I should not talk
until I have a good grasp of what I'm saying....

The End  =)


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