Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Last night Staci and I had some friends over to paint Easter eggs with! "Pascuas" is the Castellano word for Easter and they have different traditions here. Painting eggs isn't one of them. Neither is hiding eggs and finding them! So, naturally we did that too!

Decorating eggs!

The finished products!

I hid Staci's Santa in the stocking haha!

Belen searching for eggs!

Staci finding eggs left and right! She was like a lil kid in a candy shop!

Coti with (almost) all the eggs!

Of course afterwards we were hanging out and it got to be dinner time (most people eat dinner around 8 or 9 or 10) and we were like, lets eat eggs! Coti whipped up some "huevos rellenos" for us! 


It was a great evening and it was fun to share our traditions and it gave us a little taste of being home! This weekend is going to be full of celebration! On Friday we have a special Friday Servive, then on Saturday night we are having an all church movie night. THEN on Sunday we have our Easter Service followed by a potlock! Should be a full and fun weekend!

Happy Easter everyone!

Christ is RISEN!


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