Tuesday, May 1, 2012

just another french press.

Cool, yet humid. Calm. With a familiar feeling. A summeresque jungle scene.

I walked to the park this morning. It was sunny and warm with a thunderhead rolling in. I almost questioned if I imagined the rumble in the distance due to the serenity of the shining sun.  As I walked to my picnic table I had this thought. That I was home.

Ha! Yea. I've lived here for four years, but for some reason it's always felt like an adventure. I would go to Salina for the weekend, or maybe the summer, and that. That felt like the place I was born, raised, and called home.

But today was different. French press coffee... I went from making it every morning last year to.. not once this semester. I stepped outside to get the feel of the morning. Perfection. So I grabbed my waterproof Bible (just in case), and made my way out to chat with the Lord of All Creation.

Obedience without love is nothing but the law, He said.

It's amazing how He speaks to hearts. As I have put my loving self on the line lately, I seem to question whether I am even being obedient. Does there have to be a lesson learned if Christ's Love is tasted and seen?

I'm going to miss it here.


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