Friday, May 25, 2012


Yes. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. 

The rumors are true! ... I am a graduate! (Autographs later please!)

 Haha! I like to play up that fact as much as possible. But yes, I graduated on May 12th! And have been on the move ever since! Taking advantage of the freedom that I have until (ha!) summer school starts! 

These are the besties from the Mid-Westies that I had the privilage to celebrate graduation with!

It was a bitter sweet goodbye, but I will never not love them! And they are all on to great things as well!

My first summer adventure was a flight over to Jacksonville, North Carolina! (is no one absolutely astonished that we can FLY!?!?!):

This is where the one, the only, Staci Lynn's family resides!

Mornings on the porch, full of coffee, laughs, and Love:

 Beach times, rain or shine, beautiful:


It was a short short week, but I had a blast!

I am currently residing in S-Town Kansas with the family. Where to next?! Here, there, and CANADA! I head that way the morning of June 5th! Please pray for safety in travels, fun family time (visiting cousins along the way), and easy border crossing!

Stay tuned.

I love you all.


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