Wednesday, June 6, 2012

you're kidneying me.

Day 1...  

We started out with a nice morning walk around Salina, thinking we knew where the medallion was. HA! It was nice. And we weren't even close. 

So we set off on our week long driving adventure! and then.. it got interesting. 

I had pain in my stomach all week and I was just assuming the norms. But on the road I started googling my symptoms. Pain in the abdomen. Sharp. Also in the back. Kidney stone. So we detoured to Ellsworth and went to the ER... 5 hours later (doctors taking their time and assuming nothing was wrong because of my calm demeanor) it was confirmed that my self diagnosis was indeed correct. 

They told me to go back home, pass it, and drive after. So naturally.. we hit the road... for about 45 minutes. 

The car started failing on us. Wouldn't accelerate. And kept telling us that the battery was not working. (lies). We went 35 miles an hour to the next town to find out that it just needed cold gas and that the vapor lock turned itself on. My dad later finds out that VW gas pumps go bad and start failing to run. It was miraculous: we made it to Denver. It only took all day, but it was for the most part enjoyable! We have a car shop appointment in the morning, and I've been off meds since the hospital (hoping and praying that it'll pass without problems). 

It's been a good reminder. Questioning if I'm suppose to be there (in Canada). Understanding that I am not in control. Ha, humbled, and in a weird way, glad that I'm not. 

I'm tired. It's been real. Please keep praying! 


(Colorado is gorgeous)

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  1. Hey Lindsey I'm glad you can still continue your trip to Canada despite the predicaments... Sad we couldn't see each other in ColSprings but hope we can catch up another time! Safe trip and take care of yourself! <3