Tuesday, June 26, 2012

white rocks.

So I'm kinda behind on my updates. There are several things I'd like to share with ya'll but I'll just update you on what's been going on a bit, and leave some for a later day.

Right.. What's been up? Lots of homework and studying!
I had a Mimicry Test yesterday. We had a file of this lady speaking another language and we had to mimic her. We got graded based on timing, intonation, and the correctness of sound! It was kinda fun, but I am wondering when the phrases are going to get out of my head
[unsai ino panihapon aronabi'i']
[gusto kong mokaong ogista']
[un saoman pagluto angista']
[la mi ka'aio angista']
I had a Phonetics theory exam.
Which didn't have too many surprising things on it.

So. Ha. No fun right?
Maybe not...
Here's some friends and fun

My roommate Lindsey! She's awesome! I'm glad to have her as a roomie. 

As you can see, she's fun ;) It makes for some good late night chats.

This is James. He's a lot of fun! He heads up the Monday Movie Classics (procrastination) Nights. So far we've watched Alien, and Aliens, East of Eden, and Maltese Falcon. Ha! He also has pretty much talked me into most of the things I do that keep me from my homework.

Grace is a sweetheart <3 And I want to record everything that comes out of her mouth because it's always seasoned with Salt. She's just a lot of fun!

Andrew. The main man. Literally. He's the only guy that's brave enough to venture to the girls floor and he's not afraid to accompany us in our we-swear-its-not-a-girls-night outings.

All these pics were taken at White Rock Beach. As you can see, it gets its name from the white rock.. on the beach. Our group decided to climb it! 

So we got back from the dorms to find that the power was out...

This is one of many missionary training sessions we've been through this summer. The water has been shut off twice. The power outage. No hot water this weekend. And to top it off, the fire alarm went off last night at 2 am. We all groggily stumbled outside, sleepy eyed, yet in good spirits and waited for the fire department to give the all clear.

It's been an adventure to say the least.

I'd love to hear from you.


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  1. lol @ me throwing up the metal horns in that second picture :-p