Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a bubble above Bobby.

What is today? Wednesday?

Today was day three of classes! Lets just say there it seems like that's all I've done! Ha, but I guess that is why I'm here. ;) And they're fun! If you like Articulatory Phonetics, Phonology Analysis, Grammar Analysis, and Language and society types of things.

This is some of the intro Phonetics that we've been working on:

Haha, lets just say I love this kind of stuff haha! But when day 3 starts getting hard, I'm not gonna lie, I'm start questioning my brain capacity.

So I've been asked where I live. Whether it was in someone's basement, a white house, or a tree house (common living arrangements of fellow students). So I thought I'd give you a little idea of my space!
I live in a dorm called Fraser Hall (Room 318!). My room is right off of the lobby so I get the privilege of having everyone hanging out in my "living room." If I get tired of my room, I just open the door to the smiling faces on the comfy couches (usually enjoying their lunch or not enjoying their stack of homework!)

Here is my side of the desk:

 Right behind my desk is my closet:

And through the closets are our beds!

My roommate is fun! We have the same name (spelled Lindsey) and are both from Kansas! We also have a lot of mutual friends from back home so it's kind of a fun story to tell. We both think that whoever was doing rooming thought it would be funny to put the two "Lindsey's from Kansas" together. 

Anywho, I'm sure I'll introduce ya'll to her sooner or later. Until then, I thought this would give you a little bit of a taste of where I am and (kinda) what I do!


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