Monday, June 18, 2012

[wik w∂n]

Week one down! ...
Canada is kinda cold.. for a Kansas girl. 
Averaging about 60 all week. 
It's also sunny 1 out of 7 days... total.
Ha. Like really, I think the sun comes out from 5:30-6:30 three times a week.
With a sporadic half day in there somewhere... 
One day (after dinner around.. 6:30) the sun came out!
And in the enjoyment of my sunny splendor, I made a friend:
He landed on me and flew away, so i went to see him and he just let me hang out with him for a while! (This is news to most of you, but I really like dragonflies! And they never let you touch them!)
My cooking crew cooked this week!
Chili, chicken noodle soup, quesadillas, gouache, and breakfast for dinner!
I survived classes the first week and was pretty eager to enjoy the weekend!
So eager, that I managed to jam my pinky within the first 2 minutes of volleyball on Friday!
We had brunch on Saturday mid-morning and then a crew of us decided to hike Golden Ears despite the fact that constant rain was in the forcast.

It was a beautiful hike.. and really wet. Ha!
Most of us tried to dodge the massive puddles of muck but one girl just tromped through it saying that we'd all give in eventually...
which we did.. ha!

This picture is the only one that can remotely depict our wetness....*
 The waterfalls were amazing! 
Unfortunately it snowed so much, thus so much gushing water, that there wasn't a good way to get a shot down the falls but... use your imagination ;)

Church was fun. 
Went to the most expensive coffee shop on the planet to do homework.
I've been going to bed at like 10:30 every night.
Brain overload.
I had my first phonetics test today!
My TA in passing said I did well (but not perfect)
Haha! I'll take it.

It's 10:24.
Time for bed.


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