Wednesday, June 6, 2012

light before the sunrise.

There is light in Colorado well before the sun in seen.  
The coffee pot is set to brew itself at 5:35. 
There are 10 drawers in the kitchen. Ha! 
You can imagine how amused I was after standing there doing the math of my chances of finding the silverware, and logically concluding where a family would put them on the first try. I laughed out loud as I stirred my "sorry-its-kinda-strong-I-like-it-that-way" coffee.  
An hour at Einstein's waiting for the car. 
Two more in the VW lobby. 
The road was long. And travelers moderate. 
All fast food sounds repulsive.  
After 6 hours of driving, we had 8 more to go... which is what we drove yesterday. 
We stopped with 3 more to go. 
It'll be nice to drive through the mountains during the day. 
Montana is an absolutely breathtaking mass of green glory mountainous terrain. 
The sun sets at 9:30. 
There is light well after the sun is seen. 


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