Tuesday, July 3, 2012

opening doors.

This is Fraser. My summer home.

The front door:

 To the left is another door which leads to the stairs:

Up the stairs there is another door:

Down the hall and around the corner, are yet another set of doors:

Oh hey! More doors down the hall! And my lovely roommate!

Through those doors, and at the end of the hall, is... *scrolls up to count how many doors we've been through...* Door 6?

And finally, right off the lobby, is our room. <3

It's interesting going through so many doors to get to one lovely destination. That was from the ground up right? Haha! I go through 6 other doors just to get to the kitchen!

Going through all these closed doors got me to thinking one day...

What if we miss opportunities to go through closed doors just because we assume they're locked...



  1. Really?? This just screams, "fire safe" to me!!

    1. Haha! This is true! They are all about fire safty! Which is why the fire alarm is so sensitive that it has gone off 5 times this summer! In which, costs $500 every time the dept. has to come turn the alarms off! Crazy!