Sunday, July 8, 2012

international festivities.

  Last week was one for celebrating! First thing in the morning Steph comes out and exclaims in her usual fashion, "We have to eat poutine today. It's Canada day. We're having it." Ha! So we go to church, ask around, and The Fort Pub has it. We load up the car and head there to find that they have original and loaded. Original is just fries smothered with gravy and cheese curds, which we found out is way better than the loaded impersonator.  
(Steph, Amy, Me, Sarah, and Andrew)

After the tasty meal, we trekked down town to the actual Fort Langley, where British Columbia originated! There were displays and a band and just celebratory things happening. We took a picture with an unmounted montie:

We met up with some friends and decided to go get gelato! Haha! But, to our demise there was a lady cooking bancock (another Canada Day food!) on the sidewalk! So our Canadian friend, Steph, once again took the honors of helping us naive Staters out.

Then we went and got gelato! (Yes. Lots of food.)

We went to a concer that evening where we saw a sweet band called Dublin 2 Delhi, a mix of Irish and Indian music! Followed shortly by fireworks! Greatest and only first Canada Day ever!

Three days later! Us Staters got to do the honors of introducing a Canadian to the wonders of the 4th! We crossed down to Washington and went to a fireworks show on the harbor. We ate potatoe chips and raw cookie dough... its seemed like "American" things to eat haha!

(Back: Rachel and Adrianna, Front: Jordan, our Canadian, Me and Sarah)

It was a late border crossing and my first night of little sleep. The next night I was up working on the some crazy last minute homework. (Crazy as in it took hours!) BUT! All in all, it was a great week of sharing holidays so I can't really complain!


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