Sunday, July 8, 2012


This weekend marks the half way point of my summer at CanIL. By tradition, this is when they have their annual summer camping trip at Mt Squamish.

What did we do!? Slept in tents (or in my case, a hammock), hiked a mountain (in my case, a lake and two mountains), sang lots of songs, ate lots of food, and enjoyed lots great company!

Here's some pictures for yah!

 This was the lake at the end of our long hike up to Garibaldi Lake on Saturday.

There are these crazy jays found up in higher altitudes that eat straight from peoples hands! They just sit around and scope out hands in the air with food in them and they swoop down, grab em and take off!

There were five or six crazies, me included, that decided to go for a swim. This picture is all you need to know how it felt...

On Sunday, a couple carloads decided to go up to the other mountain called Chief. It has 3 peaks in which you climb up tons and tons of steep rocks and stairs to get to the top of:

The stairs looking down.

The next four pictures are a panoramic of the golden view that you get when you get to the top!

Definitely worth all the work! Though we just decided to do one of the 3 peaks, whereas a lot of people yesterday went to the top of all of them to get a view from each vantage point!

And here's one of the carloads at the bottom! We were 3 of 5 that hiked both days! Lets just say that I will be taking stairs as little as possible for a couple days!

God is Good guys! And he speaks through all of creation!


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