Friday, October 11, 2013

fall festivities continued.

Went to another fun fall place! 
Britt's Farm.
It was kinda similar to the last place 
but there was more things to do for adults...
well, adults that like to do kid things ;)

This lil guy liked to have his head rubbed!
I think he thought I wanted to feed him cuz he eventually
started trying to eat the sleeve of my jacket.


They had an air compressed potato gun which was pretty sweet!
I was trying to hit that hay-bail target =)

THEN! There was this giant teeter totter ha! 
IT wasn't super successful with only two people
but it made us laugh!

Then we climbed on the hay! 
Tag! You're it!

This was so fun! 
It was a tricycle but each of us controlled one of the front wheels.
So when I stopped, Staci kept peddling and we would turn! 

This is what the hay rack ride was going through! 
Tons and tons of mud!


We ended with a corn maze. 
Yes, we got lost.
But we made it out alive.
Then we got to pick some pumpkins to take home!
What fall fun!


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