Sunday, October 6, 2013

fall festivities.

It was seriously a great weekend! And one to kick of many more fun fall activities!

The weekend kicked off with some much needed catch up on sleep! Followed by the best coffee and morning walk to the farmers market ever! I came to the realization that coffee tastes a lot better when you aren't relying on it to wake you up.

Staci was in charge of the days line up! We went to Lazy T's Ranch outside of Manhattan and had some good ol' fashion fall fun!

We started out by exploring a 100 year old barn! 

Then we made it around to the huge sling shot haha!
Which might have broke while we were using it...

Then we went on a hay rack ride! 

This is the picture I was taking when I dropped my phone.
I had to stop the ride so I could run and get it.
It got ran over.
But it still looks and works fine. Thank goodness.

Afterwards we went shopping for all this stuff!

We literally went to every Asian market in town to get fish sauce.
I guess Thai and Viennese cooking uses it, but not Chinese! Interesting.

I was in charge of chopping.
I love it ^_^

Staci ran the show and simmered all the canned goods and curry paste together!

Our masterpiece! 

Sweet and Spicy!

Hit the spot!

This month is going to be fun of fullness. Full of funness.
Chicago trip coming up!
Corn mazes and pumpkin patch.
Maybe some haunted houses!?
Halloween! Ha!
Our life group has talk of dressing up like Bible characters!
Can't wait for the fun time ahead!


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