Wednesday, April 16, 2014

let not your heart be troubled.

I was reading in John 14 yesterday and was pretty encouraged by Jesus's compassion.

Ever since our sermon at Faith E Free last week where our pastor encouraged us to put ourselves into the position of those who Jesus has compassion on I have been trying to identify myself with different people in Jesus's life.

So I've always liked John 14:1:

"Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me."

Of course, I've never really read it in context. I have just always been like. Yea, my heart is troubled. And Jesus doesn't want my heart to be troubled, and by coming to Him and the Father my heart will be trouble free!

But if you look at the end of Ch 13 you see that Jesus just told Peter that he was going to deny him 3 times. Yikes. Talk about humiliating and disheartening. Sucks to be Peter.. saying "I will lay my life down for you! Where you go I am going too!" Jesus: "Actually... you're not just going to deny me once, but three times... soon. Like tonight." ... Come on Peter, really? Don't you know how fickle your devotions are!?

Oh wait.

I'm identifying myself with people who Jesus encountered... This includes Peter.

But really, how true is that?! I know for me I am quick to say, Oh yea, drop everything and follow you! That's me! But Jesus KNOWS that I will not follow him perfectly. And he tells Peter that. And I can feel how Peter feels! Disheartened. Troubled at heart because at the time he can't imagine denying Christ because he is determined to love Him ALL OUT!

But Jesus knows how he feels, and has compassion. Let not your heart be troubled. It's okay. I still love you. And I am preparing a place for you in heaven even though you will not follow me perfectly.

Read further and Thomas and Philip have other questions that I find myself asking. "Lord show me the way!" and "Show me the Father (reveal yourself to me God!)."

And again Jesus knows they don't understand, that they are not perfect and don't know everything He knows. So he tells them how it is: "I am the way! And you have seen God in me (and through His Word in your hands!) Don't worry about what you're suppose to do, because through me, you are going to do great things! And if you need help, ask, and I will help you!"

I know this is a lot of my interpretation of these things, but this is how they spoke to my heart. I find myself asking God some of these similar questions and I am glad that He is consistent in His loving-kindness. He is always patient and compassionate and does not look down on me for not knowing all the answers. Mmm. To know and experience His character.


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