Monday, March 24, 2014

there and back again.

Here's some pictures and highlights from Spring Break 2014! 

The first morning there I woke up early for a run.
 Their neighborhood has a boat dock down the road
 so I headed there and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

That day was going to be the warmest day so Staci put on her wetsuit
and headed into the deep blue.
She made a friend and fought the waves clear out there! (Staci is on the left)

The next morning we woke up early and saw the sunrise before the rain moved in.
It rained from Sunday afternoon until around... Wednesday evening.
Kind of a bummer, but we found things to do!

Like bowling!
This is Staci and her two nephews. 

This is us possibly going stir crazy? Haha!

Friday the sun came out again and we went to the beach for a walk 
with Staci's grandma that came from Idaho.
This is the same day that we went back to look for shark teeth.

After we looked for shark teeth we went out to eat with Staci's whole family.
I got to take a bunch of family pictures for them ^_^
These area all her nieces and nephews. 
I didn't really get one where everyone was looking haha!

The drive home was long.
Again we took several pit stops; a couple by water.
This one was a lake that we saw advertised on the highway.
It was full of boat docks so we found one and laid out for a bit.
Down the road we found a river that had white water rafting
as well as a bridge that took you to a zip line/obstacle course.
They said we could go explore their obstacle course fort thing by the river
so of course we did!

Praise Jesus that we didn't get in a wreck or slide off the road like we did last year!
We made it back safe and ready for bed.
Anndd not so ready to go back to work.
Hopefully it will be a smooth transition back into the normal routine.


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