Wednesday, March 5, 2014

another lyrical lament.

Threatening to steal
My joy revealed
The troubles of life
Is what they wield

Yet what they can't see
Is while knocked to my knees
I pray to the Lord
And with Him I plea:

"Lord save my soul!
Forgive my sins!
Make me full!
Make my amends!

"I want the joy
of your salvation!
Fill the void
From condemnation!"

This life is a gift
But pleasures are missed
If we are weighted down
By the burdens we lift

"Come to Me,"
He says, "I could be
Your strength and shield
That sets you free!

"Just take my hand
Let your worries stray
I'll help you stand
And show you the way

Lift up your head
Trust in what I've said
And where fear once swelled
You'll find hope instead."


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