Monday, March 17, 2014

trip to the east coast.

So... we decided on Sunday that we should go to North Carolina. 
Exciting but also a 24 hour or so drive.
(This is long, but I put in fun pictures! Because I'm a good blogger like that!)

I took this picture after we ran about 4 errands.  
We were all packed but we had to get gas, go to the post office, 
run back to work, then go back home to get something. 
So we were sitting outside our house and I said,
 "Finally our road trip begins!" 

I snap a picture and Staci says,
 "Oh we need to go get cash.."  
Doh! -_-'

So we drove to Kansas City after work on Wednesday 
and got to hang out with my cousin, Amanda. 
She made us some awesome fish and asparagus! Yum!
She works nights so we slept, 
packed up and hit the road by 6:30! 

Of course, day 1 (1/2) we were ready to go!

Then we drove.
 And we drove.
 And we drove and we drove.
 8 or 9 hours later we arrived at the music capital of Nashville!!!
 ...At our jank hotel =\ 

Ha! it ended up okay but it was kinda creepy. 
The traffic was so awful though. 

(a traffic jam before we weaved our way through city roads)

Google maps showed there being a wreck on every main highway 
so we weaved around town and made our way to some eating places. 
Ended up deciding on Hard Rock cafe since neither Staci or I had been there. 
I must say, though it was expensive it was so so good! 

We went back to our room and we feel asleep 
to the lulling sound of planes landing less than a mile away... 
after watching American Idol of course..

Day 2:

We were a little less enthused. 

We got coffee.. but I unfortunately found a Starbucks on the wrong highway.
So we ended up getting a little off course.

So once we were back on track we saw a river weaving across the road.
Took the next exit and weaved our way down the Tennessee 
road to find a nice boat ramp to the river.



So after that we decided that it would be a lot nicer to stop more often 
and try to have more fun since we still had a 12 hour day ahead of us.

So about an hour later we stopped at an antique store.
Fun! Haha!

And then a couple shifts later we were getting kind of restless:

 I was checking out the map 
and saw that a mile or two off the highway was a HUUUGEEE lake!
less than a mile from the highway.

I found a small highway that went beside the main one
and saw that there was construction ahead so I was like,
"Lets take the scenic route and see this lake thing!"

Haha! So we seriously went a mile or two off the course
to this suppose to be "island" in the midst of this huge lake and this is what we saw:

HAHAHAHA!!! It was like DRIED UP!

"Wouldn't it suck to build a house on this island 
and then the lake completely dry up and ruin your beautiful view!?" (me)

"Yea... poor wealthy people, to have these beautiful houses out here."

I think all that was before noon on the second day. It was fun.

The rest of the day was pretty hard to get through.

But we made it! 


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