Sunday, February 22, 2015


Yesterday was a work day for the church revival. A bunch of the men got together and dug holes and put up lamp posts throughout the Predio and then strung wire between them all to get electricity to the lights. It was a pretty cool process to see!

While they were doing that a group of us had a meeting for Scouts which starts up the weekend after the revival. We talked about different things that needed done as well as put us into groups on who will be helping what age group. I'll be helping with the younger kiddos and Staci is helping with the high school aged. I also got dubbed the official photographer for the first Welcoming Day!

It was pretty encouraging to sit there and be able to pick up most of what was being said! It helps that Patricia is easy to understand in general, but I have learned a ton of Castellano (Spanish) since arriving here! Along with classes twice a week we've been taking it upon ourselves to watch movies (mostly animated, or ones that we've seen a lot) in Spanish so that we can learn more. It can be kind of frustrating because in most cases the subtitles don't match what is being said, but it's the best "homework" you can get!

Here are some pictures to enjoy from last night!

A bunch of the guys working on the lights!

Daniel and Alejandro taping a TON of wire together 
so they can be strung to all the light poles.

Staci found a bike that had a machete tied to it!? 

Hector of course demonstrated what it was used for! Haha!

Take one on a group photo haha! I accidentally had it zoomed all the way in!
But it is a nice picture of Sole! Haha!

Take two on the group pic!
Diana, Staci, Sole, and I!

The guys using their makeshift (two short ladders tied/wired together)
ladder to put up the wire and the lights.

Staci saving the day by shoveling out dangerous spiky weeds!

We were sitting at our meeting and the guys walked by..
"Take a picture! Take a picture!"

A nice picture of Sole, Patricia, and Diana!

At the end of our time there I sat back in my chair and looked at all the people around. The guys doing the "manly work" and their wives and kids supporting them, helping when possible, serving food and mate. Work towards the revival, and work towards Scouts, all meshed together in the same place. Just hanging out and getting things done for hours. Not really bored or dying to get home or on to the next thing. Just living in community. 

It was a scene that I will not soon forget.


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  1. thank Staci for me for not climbing the redneck ladder :)