Wednesday, February 11, 2015

that which is set before me.

I have a ton on my mind that I’ve been learning and experiencing but I think it’s best if I just separate my thoughts out into different blogs. So for today: I am God’s. He will accomplish what he has planned, whether it includes me or not. And if it doesn't, that doesn't mean he isn't working in and through me in ways that I can't see.

It’s an interesting lesson to learn, because it looks strange in practice.

For instance, we planned on helping with a different church’s camp, but our Scouts camp got moved to the same dates. So we planned on Scouts camp; practicing songs to teach the kids and looking up the words to teach them kickball! And the day is finally here! We’re ready to roll annndddddd it doesn’t happen. And what’s weird is that no one really told us what was going on. We went upstairs to ask what time it would start and we were told that the kid’s parents didn’t get back to them and that there wasn’t going to be a camp. Odd... So, we go to church as usual of Friday night, a beautiful service as usual. 

Then… about a month ago, we decided that we needed to buy tickets to go to Uruguay to renew our visas. It’s cheaper to buy them ahead of time and before we bought them we told Fabian the dates we were thinking of going, he said, yea no conflict, sounds good and enjoy! Then, on Saturday, the weekend before we leave, we are told that the church will be handing out flyers to invite people to the revival next month…. WHAT!? But we’re leaving and we wanted to help with that!!!

It was a saddening feeling. We were geared up and have been ready to serve, but plans fell through, and plans conflicted… I found myself questioning, “God, why? Why are we here if the ways in which we can serve, aren’t working out?”

On the Sunday night service, between a prayer and a song, Staci turned to me and said, “What if God is doing this so that we know that without a doubt we are His. He is before us and has a plan for us here, whether it looks the way we think it should or not.”

A revelation to true to not review! We are His, and He is using us in ways we can not see. Maybe the church needed to hand out the flyers and do evangelism without us this time and we can join them next time. But maybe not! 

Pride… wanting to be able to have something to show. To have pictures or stories to tell about what I did. But that’s not always God’s plan. It's tempting to skip this post all together and tell you of something else that God has used me for but I am being humbled... It's just like satan to attack at this point, to accuse and say, "You're worthless." But it's not true! I still claim victory! God worked miracles to bring me here. And I can excitedly say that the church, the body of Christ! came together and took the word to the streets of Argentina. Pray for all those who heard of the revival; that their hearts would be sparked and maybe they would come and hear the Truth that will be told. 

And pray for me, as I learn to praise God and find joy in Christ, with whatever task it is that he has before me… working with kids, or attending a service. Inviting friends or neighbors to church, or praying for them at the Tuesday night prayer meetings. It is all important in the kingdom of God. And I pray that I don't loose heart and continue to love and serve in whatever ways to whoever God sets before me! 



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